In 2016 the Environment Agency published a report that confirms that the Solent is polluted with nitrates. Environment Agency Report.

Natural England has advised Councils in the Solent area to refuse new developments amid concerns over nitrate levels in the water. BBC Coverage.

However, rather than just taking measures to reduce this pollution Havant Borough Council wish to negate any improvement by approving more housing development leaving pollution levels unchanged.  HBC Position Statement.  In fact it is HBCs stated policy to exceed Government housing targets, as can be seen in this Letter to Government.

An argument can be made for the development of brown field sites and for urban regeneration. Surely it is not justifiable for a non-agricultural green field land site such as Long Copse Lane. Particularly as the site contains a network of streams that feed into the EMS, these would carry nitrate run off from any development on into the Solent. OS Map of the Proposed Site.