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Planning Application Submitted on Land North of Long Copse Lane

Despite their assurances to the contrary at the Local Plan Stage1 Hearings Land & Partners have submitted a planning application for H8 Land North of Long Copse Lane. 

Over the coming days, the Save LCL team will be make strong representations that the application is premature and in addition scrutinise the proposal for further discrepancies. Should the proposal be approved the impact will be a significant disruption and loss to all of us, not just during the building phase but also when the site is fully occupied. 

We would urge you to raise your own objections even if it is to restate an objection already submitted during the Local Plan process. This could be our last chance to influence decisions and we should insist that residents are listened to.

To find details on the proposals and to comment on the application follow this link and search for APP/21/00893. Any comments need to be made by Wednesday 6 October 2021.

If you need convincing that the developers are not true to their word, the following is a transcript of the developer’s commitment at the public hearings:

Land & Partners Assurances to the Government Appointed Inspector’s of the Local Plan

Jonathon Walters of Pegasus Group on behalf of Land & Partners the site promoter stated:

“We are actually in a process, we are largely finished our planning submission and we are actually ready to submit it. Naturally in terms of good process we are awaiting the outcome of the discussion and the EIP (Examination In Public) to see if here are elements we need to address and post that and further discussions with Havant, the intent is then to submit. So we are trying to do it the right way and not jump ahead of the planning process.”

If you need further proof:

The statement can be heard by following this link and playing the recording of Tuesday 13 July 2021, 1.30pm. The statement can be found 52 minutes and 30 seconds from the end of the recording.

The application from Land & Partners will be an outline application where they are seeking approval from HBC so they can have confidence to spend money on detailed planning. L&P are currently lobbying councillors to support their application. 

As expected, the site development is presented in a very positive and ‘ glossy’ way but many of the claims are flawed and it is important that the Save LCL team continue to strive to get our viewpoint recognised by key influencers and decision makers.

To achieve this  we are discussing the concerns with other affected groups, such as Westbourne Council, Havant Residents Association and our Ward Councillors in particular Councillor, Richard Kennet who has supported our campaign from the outset. 

We will keep you all informed of the outcome of our discussions and let you know if there are more actions that supporters of our campaign can take.

In the meantime, we know that your responses to HBC and councillors can have influence and we ask you all to help by responding to the application on the HBC website. Please be clear that permission to build houses North of Long Copse Lane has not been granted. We are awaiting the recommendation from the inspectors, which should be available in the autumn. 

Responding to a planning application is tedious and time consuming but your efforts are appreciated and a very big thanks from the Save LCL team for your continuing support.