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July 2021

Conclusion Of Local Plan Stage 1 Hearings

Local Plan Hearings

The stage 1 hearing for the local plan concluded on Friday. SLCL provided comment on 4 out of the 5 days. (Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning). Our aim was to cast as much doubt as possible in the minds of the Inspectors regarding the suitability of Long Copse Lane for the development that has been proposed. We would like to thank all those who spoke in support of LCL.

The Friday morning session was the one on which LCL received the greatest attention. The hearing were all recorded and can be found here.

The Friday morning discussion on LCL starts after 55 minutes.

The Inspectors are expected to publish their interim findings towards the end of the summer. No firm date has yet been given. We await these conclusions with great interest.

Planning Application on Land Adjacent to 54, Long Copse Lane

Following the hearings residents have updated their objections to the development. You may find these useful should you be considering your own objection. The document can be found here.

To find details on the proposals and to comment on the application follow this link and search for APP/21/00683. Any comments need to be made by Monday 26 July 2021.