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June 2021

Local Plan Hearings

The Government Inspector’s Stage 1 Hearing dates for the Havant Borough Local Plan have now been released. The hearings start on Monday 12 July though to Friday 16 July. We have submitted Hearing Statements and confirmed our availability to answer any questions posed by the Inspector.

It is only possible to take part in the hearings process if you had submitted comments as part of 2019 or 2020 consultations. However, for those who subscribe to Nextdoor you will know that there are other suggested ways to influence Government planning policy.

Housing development on green fields.
At last someone has found an effective way of resisting housing development in their area. Chesham and Amersham voters have shown how it can be done, it’s now up to us to put the wind up those MP’s sitting on cosy seats with large majorities. If you want to continue living in a green and pleasant land, you need to tell Gillian Keegan she will no longer be getting your vote if Boris and Jenrick persist with their bill to restrict local objections to planning applications.
Neil Burns Hambrook

For those of us in the Havant constituency Alan Mac is the local MP.

This is very much a live topic with a debate in the House of Commons today – Local involvement in planning decisions.

If you have concerns about the new proposals now is certainly the time to contact your MP. One way is via They provide guidance and keep a record of those MPs that fail to respond. There is a league table to shame MPs that choose to ignore their constituents.

Background on the latest Planning reforms.

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