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December 2020

December 2020 Update

In our last update in October we discussed the Government’s proposals to change national planning regulations and highlighted how detrimental they could be to our area. Since then there has been opposition by both MPs and Councillors across the South. Alan Mak MP and Cllr Hughes, on behalf of HBC, have expressed their opposition. We welcome the priorities set out in the responses from Alan Mak and HBC .The following references provide a link to their objections. Alan Mak (MP). Havant Borough Council.

As a result of such public statements, we have written to Alan Mak to ensure that he is fully aware that the principles outlined in his objections, are already being broken in the proposals put forward for housing development on land North of LCL (H8) which continue to be included in the Pre-Submission Local Plan. In the past he has always refused to be involved in the details of the local plan arguing that it was a matter for HBC. Given the concerns he has raised and the fact that Government Ministers from other parts of the country have taken action to oppose inappropriate development in their constituencies, we hope that he will now be prepared to engage with us.

The consultation on the latest updates to the Pre-Submission Local Plan ends at 16:00 on the 17 December 2020. HBC have tried to steer comments to the sections that were changed directly. We shall be making comments on the wider issues and have had confirmation from HBC that all new comments will be accepted and forwarded to the Government Inspector.

The two points we intend to raise are as follows:

  1. The slow rate of building on the Southleigh Strategic Site which is leading to increased pressure to permit development on inappropriate sites such as LCL. 
  2. Growing concerns on the proposed solution to achieve Nitrates Neutrality and increased pollution of Chichester Harbour which is a site of scientific interest (SSI).

For example, it is likely that the LCL site will be connected to the Thornham Treatment Works, whilst the majority of new housing in the Borough will be connected to the Budds Farm Treatment Works which discharges beyond Eastney. The Thornham Treatment Works is already facing capacity problems.

HBC recognises that the LCL site (H8) is unsuitable and have imposed more constraints than on any other site in the plan. We hope that the Government Inspector will refuse the development when he makes his judgment. This is not likely to be before the end of next year. In the meantime, we must not relax and we are continuing to make our arguments against the LCL development to both our MP and Councillors.