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March 2019

The Pre-Submission Local Plan

In the summer edition of the EMS, it was reported that Havant Borough Council (HBC) saw no reasons to remove the Long Copse Lane site from the Draft Local Plan 2036.

Since then, with the support of our local ward councillors, we have continued to make all HBC councillors aware of the real issues regarding policy H8 Land north of Long Copse Lane. Thanks to every one of you who submitted their objections formally to HBC, and personal e-mails directly to councillors.

All HBC councillors now understand that the site is ecologically sensitive, possibly unsustainable and has traffic issues relating to capacity and safety. There are potential flooding concerns which at present have no convincing resolution. These issues are real and serious and can affect all of Emsworth’s communities.

The submission of the Save Long Copse Lane group to individual councillors was also accepted as a serious and professional statement of issues that is now on record for future use.

Thank you to everyone who has helped the campaign by displaying a Save Long Copse Lane sign, distributing leaflets or by purchasing and planting daffodils to ‘Light Up Long Copse Lane’. Also to everyone for their support at the HBC meeting of the 28th January. Despite the evidence presented, HBC Councillors voted to include the Long Copse Lane site in the Pre-Submission Local Plan. The majority was small and from our viewpoint the struggle to protect the Long Copse Lane site and stop development continues.

Our messages are having an impact on HBC councillors and by including conditions on the development of the site, the seriousness of the issues now appear to be recognised.

The fight to stop development is not over. The Draft plan for Havant Borough is now known as the pre-submission plan and is reviewed by a government inspector before becoming the HBC formal local plan. The Save Long Copse Lane group have met with David Hayward, planning officer for HBC, to specifically understand who can make representation to the inspector and the process to follow to have a representation recognised.

This consultation provides an opportunity to tell the Government inspector whether or not you consider the council has prepared a sound and legally compliant Local Plan.

The Save Long Copse Lane team will be pleased to make a representation on behalf of residents. We shall be informing the inspector how many people we represent to ensure he understands the weight of the challenges being made. Please let us know if you plan to make your own submission.

If you are making your own comments on the Pre-Submission Havant Borough Local Plan 2036 HBC have published a guide on how they should be submitted Pre-Submission Consultation Form – Guidance.

Technical Notes:
To ensure your comments are successfully saved.

  1. Download the Pre-Submission Consultation Form to your computer.
  2. Open the form using software such as Adobe DC Reader which is free to download.
  3. Enter your comments and resave the form.
  4. You should then email the completed form(s) to (enter the words ‘Pre-Submission Local Plan comments’ into the subject bar of the email), or post them to Planning Policy Team, Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX.

Comments must be submitted no later 5pm on Monday 18th March 2019.