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May 2018

PLEASE attend the meeting on 23rd May

We cannot emphasise how important it is that people attend the 3rd consultation meeting this Wednesday. We need to show that our concerns have not gone away and that we still oppose the development – the more people there to show their objection the better!

We see the meeting as another opportunity to understand the proposed development details in terms of transport and infrastructure, rather than a way to register your areas of objection which should be saved for your office objection when the application is underway.

With this in mind, please do share with us any objections that you have and we will be able to support you in placing your objection when the time comes.

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 23rd May from 17.30 until 20.00 at the Emsworth Community Centre.

Branding set for the campaign

We have a logo! We felt that the campaign needed an identity in line our ethos; something that represents the users of the Lane and the people, animals and wildlife that will be affected by the development.

The logo we’ve agreed on is as follows:

Within the logo we have represented:

  • Trees and hedgerows
  • Humans – walkers, commuters, children
  • Dog walkers
  • Cyclists
  • Horse riders (horseshoes)
  • Bats
  • Birds

We’re hoping that this roundel logo will become synonymous with the campaign – please get behind us to help oppose the development!

Committee Established

Following a meeting of Long Copse Lane residents, councillors, and other interested parties, a core committee was established for the Save Long Copse Lane campaign. Members were chosen for the skills they could bring to the campaign such as planning experience, professional skills or just their commitment to the campaign.

The first meeting was held on 17th May and a plan was drawn up for the first stage of the campaign to be launched very shortly. Watch out for the logo, website, Facebook page and group and email sign up list to receive information and updates on the campaign.