Long Copse Lane is at the centre of a planning proposal that will change its character forever.

260 New Homes Planned

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22 January, 2019

Action Required

There will be a full Council meeting on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 5:30pm. At this meeting there is a crucial vote on the Draft Local Plan. Councillors will decide…
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28 October, 2018

We’re lighting up Long Copse Lane!

As the expected application period draws closer, we're planning to show everyone how much we all Love Long Copse Lane by planting thousands of daffodils and other bulbs along the…
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13 July, 2018

Signs now available to order!

Thank you all for your patience, you can now order your campaign sign on our website, here: www.savelongcopselane.org.uk/order-a-sign We have about a 2 week turn around of signs, so get…

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The Development Proposal

On the very edge of the South Downs National Park, Long Copse Lane and the surrounding Hollybank fields are home to a diverse range of wildlife, some of which are found in very few other locations in the UK. People call this area home, and we’re very concerned about the effect a development of 260 houses will have on its delicate balance.

Why we object


Increased traffic flow into a narrow rural lane making it unsafe for walkers, cyclist and horse riders.


Loss of countryside on edge of Hollybank Woods and the National Park.

Trees and Wildlife

Adverse impact on trees and protected species that call this area home.

Suitability for Build

Ground stability for building and existing issues with drainage.


Increased pressure on local infrastructure including schools and doctors’ surgeries

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There is quite a small window of opportunity to raise objections following the submission of a formal planning application. Often developers place applications during the holiday period in the hope they will be unnoticed.

By registering we will be able to alert you when a formal planning application is received. We can provide information on how to navigate the Havant Planning website along with guidance on how best raise an objection, for those not familiar with the process.

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More beautiful trees coming down to cram a couple of houses in on the cycle lane up to hollybank woods this morning 😢 ...

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